Lighthouse Media partners with companies and organizations in a variety of industries, helping them conceive, create and deliver their message in compelling ways.  Our team will be a resource throughout the planning, management and execution of whatever video or interactive media project you’re undertaking.  We have expertise in a wide array of projects and have ideas and resources to help the creative process yield your desired results.

Here are some areas where we can help you achieve your goals:

Marketing & Promotion

Video and multimedia is a powerful way to promote your product or service. We’ll work collaboratively with your team to help refine your message and communicate it effectively to your audience, ensuring seamless integration with your overall marketing communication strategies.  The right message delivered in the right medium is a key to success. 

Education & Training

Harnessing the power of visual media, Lighthouse Media develops engaging, interactive learning experiences for companies and organizations. Whether the goal is to train your sales team, clients, provide continuing education for physicians or to educate patients on medical treatments, Lighthouse Media will produce it in the appropriate format for the audience – be it computer, mobile device or web-based deployment.  E-learning modules, with optional learning checks, are produced in SCORM compliant format for compatibility with your existing LMS (learning management system). 

Corporate Profile & Image

Video can communicate a company or organization’s mission and enhance its image like no other medium. We work with you to concisely capture the core messages you wish to communicate in visual terms. Our goal is to effectively position your organization in the minds of viewers and create a genuine sense of value for your products and services.

Documentary & Historical

Lighthouse Media produces informative and moving presentations on topics of importance to your audience. Our experience and technical expertise will help you or your organization tell your story to preserve its legacy.

Non-Profit & Fundraising

Over the years, we have found assisting non-profit and service organizations communicate their missions, to be especially rewarding. Storytelling through video is an especially powerful tool in connecting audiences with an organization’s message, and we continually strive to find fresh approaches to motivate and inspire an audience to action.

Motivational & Special Interest

Video and interactive media are some of the most compelling ways to motivate and inspire.  Our goal is to help you to efficiently find and harness the best electronic mediums to tell your story creatively, concisely and effectively.

Meetings & Events

To enhance your impact at tradeshows, meetings and events, we produce attention-getting presentations for in-booth HD monitor displays, iPad, interactive kiosk, video openers, etc.   We can also provide support for filming of live presentations.

Our areas of expertise include: